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Temail - Working with Images


A good understanding of the use of images in your email is essential to reduce the risk of your email landing in the users’ spam box. Below, we have listed some guidelines on image use, how and where to store them.

Image Best Practices

Storing Images

Images must be stored in a public folder so they can be accessed by anyone who opens your email. If you have a public folder within your domain to store images on, that would be the best place to put them. Alternatively, you can use Dropbox. One Drive and Google Drive are a little more difficult to use.

Using Dropbox to store your images

You can use Dropbox to store your images. We would recommend you create a folder called "temail-images". Then simply upload your images to that folder and you’re good to go.

To use an image stored on Dropbox, from, hover your mouse over the image and choose Copy link. Then, paste it into your image components’ img-url= parameter so it looks like this:


Important!! Replace the "dl=0" at the end of the Url with "raw=1" (without the quotes) so it looks like this:


Setting up a default Image Path

In Temail Settings, you can setup a default image path (optional) so you can add images to your email using just the image filename without specifying the full path. This is best used when you are storing images on your domain server. For Dropbox, this isn’t advantageous because, in Dropbox, the path is not always the same for each image file.

To specify an image path, open Temail settings and fill in the Image Path. ANY image that does not specify a path that begins with http will have this path added to the front of the image. This way, a path is optional, or can be explicitly defined.

For example:

Temail Settings - Image Path:
Image Component - Img-Url=logo.png

Results in: Img-Url=

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