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Credit Card Reports

Credit Card Reports provide you with reports of your merchant account activity. Reports can be viewed in summary or detail.

Select an Account, choose a Report Type, enter a Start and End Date and then select a Batch and click View. The resulting report will be displayed in a new internet browser window.

Credit Cards Reports Screen

Select Account

If you have more than one merchant account, select the one to view. It’s not uncommon to have two merchant accounts. One for the Tasting Room, and one for Back Office and Club operations.

Report Types

  • Batch Detail – Detailed list of credit transactions for the selected batch.
  • Batch Summary – Summary by card type for the selected batch.
  • Batch History – List of batches within the specified Start and End date.

Start and End Date

Select a data range to view activity for. The date range entered results in which batches show in the Select Batch drop-down. Also, used with Batch History. The date range specifies what period to show batches.

Select Batch

Select a batch to view for Batch Detail and Batch Summary reports. (not available when selecting the Batch History report).


Click View to open the report. (the report will open in your internet browser window).

Sample Credit Card Detail Report

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