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Updating Sales Tax Rates

This article instructs you how to configure and use the Sales Tax Rate Updater.

You must be enrolled in the Avalara Tax File Service program and have the Wine Software Tax Updater software installed. You will need a State Flags configuration file to update your back office tax rates using the Avalara provided sales tax rates.

Refer to the instructions below to configure the State Flags file and apply the new sales tax rates file when received.

If you are an existing Avalara customer, Avalara will provide you a pre-configured State Flags file.

Configure the State Flags File

You can review/edit the State Flags configuration file by following these steps:

The monthly sales tax rates file you receive from Avalara contains sales tax rates for all states, counties and cities in all 50 US States and is used to update your sales tax rates in Wine Software.

Since you probably don’t collect sales tax in all 50 states, you will want to configure which states you collect sales tax in – usually, the states you are permitted to ship to.

You will want to edit the State Flags file so the Tax Rate Updater knows which states to include/exclude. This file has three columns:

State Flags

StFlStateCd – The state abbreviation.
Do not edit this column

StFlChargeTax – Collect tax for the state?
Place a Y in this column to enable sales tax collection for the state, or,
Place a N in this column to disable sales tax collection for the state.
Place a B in this column to buy-pass updates to this stateand preserve the existing rates (this option only applies to your local state)

StFlChargeLocal – Collect Local tax for the state?
Place a Y in this column to include county and city rates (referred to as ‘local tax’)
Place a N in this column to use one base rate for the entire state.

Save this file. You will need it each time you update your tax rates. You will need to update it periodically to reflect any changes in your shipping permits.

Update you sales tax rates

The following steps walk you through updating your sales tax rates in Wine Software:

  1. Copy the Compli sales tax rates file into the same folder as the State Flags file and name it CompliSalesTaxRates.csv if not already.

  2. Folder Contents

  3. Drag and drop the StateFlags.csv file onto the Tax Updater icon.

That’s it! Your new tax rates will be applied, and you will be up to date.

To review your tax rates; Open Wine Software Back Office. Go to the System Setup menu and click on Sales Tax Rates.

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