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Backing up your Data

Wine Software creates a series of files at 12:00am midnight each day that you can use for backup purposes. In order for this to occur, the host computer (server) must be left on at night.

In the \\[SERVER]\Microworks\Backup folder, there are several files. is a compressed version of your data. It contains all of your Wine Software data as of the Date Modified stamp on that file.

Also in the folder, you will see the past week’s backup files for emergency recovery or investigation needs. Those files are WD4_0_Sat.bak through WD4_6_Fri.bak.


It is your responsibility to backup these files to another set of media. Please backup this entire folder and store it in a safe place. If you encounter a server failure, these files may be needed, so it is highly important that you have a current copy of these files backed up in order to recover your data.

Backup Files

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