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Training Courses

training courses

Choose a training session from the courses listed below, or customize a course tailored to your needs. Online Training is available in one-hour sessions. Sessions are interactive one-on-one sessions that accommodate up to 4 people. Training is fee based per session and scheduled in advance.

course selections

boot camp

In this training session, you will learn about our services and how to get answers to common questions. You will be given a broad tour of the system. This session should be considered your 'spring-board' session as it will get you pointed in the right direction so you can start being productive right away.

inventory management

Learn how to setup inventory locations items and packages. This course will show you how to establishing beginning inventory counts and how to reconcile, adjust, receive, transfer, audit and analyze your inventory to optimize it to its peak performance.

sales & fulfillment - part 1

Learn how to enter customer profiles, create orders, view customer history and maintain relationships with your customers through email and our contact management system.

sales & fulfillment - part 2

Learn about Order Management and fulfillment. We will cover tracking orders through their life cycles. Manage and track shipments and pickups. Working with fulfillment houses, UPS or FedEx.

wine club

Learn how to setup and manage a wine club. Subscribe members, track gifted memberships. Fulfill a club run through order creation, payment processing. Track and communicate declines.


Our reporting system is expansive. Learn about the structure of your sales data. Choose between Quick Reports, Standard Resports, Customizing reports, datasheets and our Bullseye Marketing tool.


In this class you will learn how to design and create branded email templates and how to use them from Back Office. You will learn how to send Email to individuals or groups of customers. Emailing an invoice, tracking notice, pickup reminder, etc. are never easier! If you run a wine club, this class is a must!

cash manager point-of-sale

Learn how to operate the point-of-sale system. We will cover customizing your pos features along with basic transaction entry, discounting, customer lookup, inquiries of items and customers, accepting payments, voiding, refunding and more. This course applies to iPad and Windows platforms.

multi-site manager

Learn to manage your multiple sales rooms. Here, we will teach you how the information flow is shared between sales rooms along with how to designate products to be sold in common or separtely by location. We will cover reporting by location, versus consolidated reporting.

data exchanger

Learn how to manage your online store. Designate products to be sold online as well as managing your club members and online orders. We will show you the benefits of tracking your online sales and how to discover actionable marketing opportunities.

accounting interface

Learn how to set up your accounting interface. We will cover your chart of accounts and the mapping of accounts between systems including the level of detail by channel needed to provide a full breakdown and rich P&L view within your accounting software.


Learn to manage all aspects of product fulfillment including creation of shipping labels, sending emails, managing the logistics of product staging and coordination with 3rd party shippers and offsite warehouses. Here, we'll also take a look at setting up your shipping rates, sales tax and compliance.


Learn how to administrate your system. Setup users, locations, chart of accounts, sales types, customers, wine clubs, shipping, compliance and much more.

customize training

Want a refresher course to go over multiple topics of your choice? No problem. We will discuss your needs and custom tailor a course just for you. Simply call our team and we'll get started.

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