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Adding or editing Club Members (Subscribers) is quick and easy.

  1. Navigate to the Sales & Fulfillment menu and click Customers.
  2. Lookup the Customer and click the Memberships tab.
  3. Open the Memberships page by clicking the Helper Button.
  4. Create the new Membership by clicking the New button on the toolbar.

The Subscriber screen should now be showing:

Subscribers Screen

Fill in the fields:

Subscription: Choose which club to assign using the Subscriptions drop-down list.

Start Date: Enter the date joined.

Cancel Date: This is the cancelation date.

Cancelation dates can be set in the future. If you enter a cancelation date 12 months ahead for instance, the member will remain active until that date. This is useful for gifted or pre-paid memberships.

Cancel Reason: Choose a cancel reason from the drop-down list.

Tags: Used to create groups of members who have like tags.

At the time of this writing, the membership Tags feature is an undocumented advanced feature. Please feel free to contact our support team for guidance in setting this up.

Signed up by: This is the sales associate who gets credited with this member's signup. Used for sales activity and incentive reporting.

Pick Up: Check the Pickup box if this member will be picking up their club selection. An Unchecked box means you will ship their selection.

Location: For Pickup members, select from the available pickup locations drop-down.

Bill to:

Gift: Check this box if the membership is a gift. Optionally, you can click the Search button to link the gift to another customer on file.

Description: This is the bill-to address selection from their address book. Click the Helper Button to add or edit this customer's address book.

Payment Info:

Payment Method: Choose a Payment Method from the drop-down list.

Card No.: Choose a card on file from the drop-down list or click the Helper Button to add a card on file.

Select card number first and the payment method will automatically be selected for you.

Ship to:

Description: This is the ship-to address selection from the address book. Click the Helper Button to add or edit this customer's address book.

Residential: If this is a residential address, check this box.

Handling Instructions: Handling instructions can: optionally print on shipping labels, print on manifests, be sent to your 3rd party shipper.

Notes: Notes are for your eyes only and will be kept on file in this customers account.

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