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Kitchen Printer

The Kitchen printing feature supports up to 4 kitchen stations. Products are assigned a kitchen designator so that when they are sold, a ticket will print in the designated kitchen.

Tickets placed on hold are printed when held. Items will not print more than once, so if new items are added to a held tab, only the newly added items are sent to the kitchen.

Setting Up Kitchen Printing

You will need to setup a shared network receipt printer for each Kitchen printer. It can be connected to a PC, an Ethernet cable, or wireless over Wi-Fi.

Contact your IT professional for assistance getting this set up.

Defining Kitchen Printers

Naming the printer(s)

To name your printers, navigate to System Setup | Preferences. Choose the Kitchen Printers tab to show the following screen:

Define Kitchen Printer Names

Type a name next to each printer to identify it, then click OK to save changes.

Designating items to print to the kitchen

Next, you will need to designate kitchen items using the Item screen. Navigate to Inventory Control | Items. Using the search button on the toolbar, find each Kitchen item and set the designation:

Designating a Kitchen Printer

Defining Kitchen printers at the POS stations

Now, we’ll add the Kitchen printer devices to each of the registers. Open the Cash Register Program editor by navigating to Cash Registers | Cash Register Program Editor.

Click Add/Remove Devices and then click the Add/Remove Devices button.

Select the register to define from the drop-down list to reveal devices attached to it.

To add a Kitchen printer device, on the blank row at the bottom, pull down the device list and choose Kitchen1,2,3 or 4.

Note: Kitchen 1,2,3,4 correlate with the printers setup in Preferences, so if you have multiple kitchen printers, you’ll need to know where Kitchen1 is, etc.

Set each column as shown below.

Adding KitchenPrinter Device

Click Settings to bring up the next screen:

Associating Device with Windows Printer

Choose the system printer from the drop-down list that represents Kitchen 1, etc. then click OK.

Click the Test button to test the printer to make sure you have defined it correctly.

Repeat these steps for each register you have defined and when done, click Save and close the program editor.

Your kitchen printers are now setup and ready for use!

Printing to the Kitchen

Items are printed to the kitchen when the transaction is held or finalized. When holding a transaction, on newly added item will be printed so that when adding to a tab, previously printed items will not print a second time.

Adding notes to a ticket

You can add notes to a ticket using the Memo function on the point of sale. Memo’s apply to the transaction (not the individual line items) and will print on every ticket submitted in a running tab scenario when items are added to a ticket. Sample Kitchen Ticket

Common uses of the memo include Table # and special instructions such as modifiers, allergies, etc.

Making Corrections

If a ticket is printed and the customer changes their mind, or you need to cancel the order, this will require manual intervention. The server must go to the kitchen to pull the ticket off the line.

If the Kitchen printer runs out of paper or gets jammed, it is possible the tickets will print once the problem is resolved because the tickets may still be in the printer memory. This is an unsure scenario so you may have to re-submit a manual ticket to the Kitchen for orders that did not print.

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