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Cash Register Alerts

You can enable alerts at the cash registers to inform you of customer specific alerts when you look up a customer.

Alert Types

Pickup Alert - Alerts you if the customer has outstanding pickup orders.

Credit Card Alerts - Alerts you if the customer is a wine club member whose credit is either expired or will be expiring within xx days.

Register Notes - Alerts you anytime a Register Note is defined to Pop-up when the customer is looked up.

Setting up Alerts

To activate (or deactivate) alerts, from Back Office, choose Point of Sale Program Editor from the Point of Sale menu to get into the Cash Manager Configuration utility. You will be placed on the General Settings screen where the alerts can be tailored.

Register Alerts Setup

Enable Alerts - Check this box to enable alerts.

Include Pickups - Check this box to enable the pickup alerts.

Credit Card Expiration Alert Days - Applies to wine club members only. You will be alerted if a members’ credit card is expired or will be expiring within the number of days shown here.

Customer Notes & Register Notes

There are two note fields in the Back Office Customer screen. Customer Notes and Register Notes. You can easily toggle between these two notes fields by clicking the button to the right of the notes field.

Customer Notes:

Customer Notes

Register Notes:

Register Notes

You may not want to show Customer Notes at the register as they are more used for internal customer management (for your eyes only!).

To show or hide the Customer Notes at the register, check the box ‘Show Customer Notes’ in the General Settings page of the Cash Manager Configuration Tool shown above.

Register Notes are always visible at the Cash Register. You can optionally have the register notes Pop-up as an alert when a customer is looked up by checking the Pop-up at Register checkbox.

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