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Adjust Inventory

Used to Adjust item quantity up or down.

Navigate to the Inventory Control menu and select Adjust Inventory from the Activities section.

Adjustments entered through this screen do not show up on the same reports as adjustments made through the point-of-sale system. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider using the point-of-sale for all Adjustments.

To add a new Adjustment: Click the New button on the toolbar.

To view/edit an Adjustment: Use the Search button on the toolbar to lookup an Adjustment.

To Delete an Adjustment: Click the Delete icon on the toolbar.


Date: Enter the date of the adjustment.

Location: Enter the location you are adjusting inventory for.

Expense to: Choose a General Ledger account to capture this adjustment under.

Reference: Enter a reference number (optional)

Memo: Enter a memo (optional)

Item: Choose an item using the magnifying glass or type the item number.

Qty: Enter the quantity being adjusted (+/-). 10 increases inventory, -10 decreases inventory.

Post Adjustment to Inventory

Once an Adjustment has been entered, it must be posted to inventory to complete the Adjustment and apply it to inventory.

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