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Temail - Best Practices


Transactional Email vs. Marketing Email

Temail is a great tool for communicating with your customers. Temail was designed with "Transactional" email in mind, thus its name: "Temail".

Transactional email is email sent to an individual following a transaction or specific action requested of or performed by that person, such as sending an order confirmation, receipt, tracking number, membership, or account related information.

Temail is not a marketing email tool. Email marketing is email containing commercial messages or content intended for a commercial purpose, or solicitation, to nurture leads through your sales funnel and must follow local laws. It is best to send marketing emails through marketing email software such as Mail Chimp or equivalent. Any reputable marketing email software recognizes local law and provides the recipient an option to unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive email from your company.

Common Use of Temail

Request for account updates

There are many other reasons to use Transactional Email messaging. The above examples are just a few common ones that you might want to create email templates for.

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