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Club Processing


These steps can be done days in advance of your club processing day.

Verify/Edit Shipping Templates

Navigate to System Setup menu and choose Shipping Templates from the Wine Club Section to get a list of your shipping templates.

Each shipping template represents a number of bottles being shipped and contains the shipper, carrier, method and price for each state.

Verify each column and the pricing. These are used when creating your club orders.

Note: You only need to confirm columns for the specific states that you ship to.

For more information, see: Shipping Templates

Edit Subscriptions

Navigate to the Sales & Fulfillment Screen and choose Subscriptions from the Maintenance Menu.

Using the Search tool on the toolbar, pull up each subscription you plan to run and set the products and prices for the current offering.

Note: Double and triple check your entries!! Once you create orders and charge cards, this cannot be reversed.

For more information see: Subscriptions

Running a Club

On the day of your club run, you will create orders, bill cards and create shipping labels or manifests for your shipping company. The following steps should be taken.

Create Orders

Open Subscriptions from the Sales & Fulfillment menu. You will be creating orders for each subscription in turn, so you will repeat the following steps for each subscription.

Using the search tool, load the subscription to process.

Verify the products and prices shown at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Verifying products and prices is very important!! Once you create orders and charge cards, this cannot be reversed.

Click the Create Subscription Orders icon on the toolbar (rightmost icon) to open the Create Subscription Orders Screen:

Create Subscription Orders

Enter the Estimated Ship Date. Click the checkbox to confirm you have verified your subscription and click the Create Orders button. A final screen will be shown with a checkbox and OK button. Click the checkbox and then OK to start the order creation process. A progress bar will be shown as the orders are created.

Repeat the 'Create Orders' steps for each subscription.

You can limit order creation to certain states or other criteria. Use the filter options on the create orders screen to do this.

Select States Filter: Activate this filter by checking the checkbox. Then, select the ship-to states to create orders for. This is useful for weather holds or to exclude states where you do not yet have permits. Orders will only be created for selected states when this filter is activated.

Batch Tag: It is best to leave the default value of today’s date in this field. It represents the date the orders were created and is used to identify the batch in the order management screens.

Select Ship or Pickup: This filter allows to you create orders for pickup members only or ship members only. You might process pickup members only and then ship members the following week.

Apply Tag Filter: Members can be Tagged on the Subscribers screen. This filter allows you to select members to be processed who have been tagged with a specific value.

Select Members who Joined Between: Use this to do a post club run. This is useful to select members who joined after you ran the club that want to receive the previous shipment.

Apply Ticklers

Ticklers contain a list of tasks that remind you of customer requests and follow-up items. Aside from other uses, Ticklers are commonly used for wine club special handling. Examples would include; “No sweet wines”, or “Ship Thanksgiving wines to a different address”, or “Custom order: 2 Bottles Cab, 2 Bottles Pinot Noir”, etc.

Now that you have created your orders, you will want to make any changes to the orders per the customer’s requests. This must be done in advance of billing credit cards since certain changes can impact inventory, shipping, taxation, compliance and order total.

Using the Ticklers or Notes, modify your orders as needed.

Note: If you change product in a club order making it unique, add “-custom” to the batch tag at the top of the order screen. This will group the custom orders making it easier for fulfillment when printing shipping labels and packing the wine.

Custom Batch Tag

Note: Batch Tags are very useful for a number uses. Orders with similar batch tags will group together. It is best to add your tag to the right of the existing tag as in the example above.

Charge Credit Cards

Navigate to the Sales & Fulfillment menu and select Charge Credit Cards under the Activities menu.

Here you are presented a number of batches of unpaid orders. Find your club batch(s) by their Subscription name and Batch Tag and select them. You can select multiple batches to process.

Once selected, click Submit Batch, then check the box on the next screen and click OK. This will start the billing process. You can expect roughly 1 second per card which is 1 minute per hundred cards, or 16.6 minutes per thousand cards.

When finished, click OK.

Note: Use the Credit Card Detail report from the Cash Register menu to get a detailed report of card transactions. This is a real-time report and is read directly from your merchant processors system on the cloud.

Get list of Declines

You can get a list of declined cards from the Charge Credit Cards screen. Let’s say you charged 100 cards in a batch of which 8 cards decline. This batch will still show in the credit card window because it still has 8 outstanding orders to be billed. Highlight the batch(s) and select the Print option on the toolbar.

Alternatively, you can highlight the batches and click the Edit button on the toolbar to open a list of orders within the batch. Now, you can use the datasheet to export the list and use it to generate emails.

Post Cash Registers

To deplete inventory, print sales reports, or create shipping labels, you have to post the orders. Navigate to the Cash Register menu and select Post Cash Registers from the Activities menu. Club orders are listed as Register 0. Select this register and click the Post Button.


Navigate to the Shipping Screen from the Sales & Fulfillment menu and open it. You will see a list of batches waiting to be shipped. This only shows paid orders. You can identify your batch by the Subscription name and Batch Tag.

Select the batch(s) to be shipped and choose from the following actions:

To create shipping labels: Select your export format at the top of the screen, then click the export button. This will create a label file which you can then import to your shipping software.

To create a shipping manifest: Select Detailed Shipping Manifest from the reports drop-down on the right of the toolbar. Then click the Print button on the toolbar.

To create a warehouse pull-order: Select Warehouse Pull Order from the reports drop-down on the right of the toolbar. Then click the Print button on the toolbar.

To Mark Shipped / Commit Orders: Once you have exported your labels and/or printed any reports needed, you can click the Mark Shipped button to clear the orders from the shipping screen.

Note: If you are a ShipCompliant user, click the Commit button instead. This will upload your orders to ShipCompliant AND Mark them shipped.


Navigate to Sales & Fulfillment and choose Pickups from the Activities menu.

By default, you will be viewing All Orders, Not Picked Up.

Select your batch(s) and choose one of the following actions:

To print pickup reports: Select a report from the Reports drop-down on the right of the toolbar. Then click the Print button on the toolbar.

To email pickup members: Click the Edit button on the toolbar to open a list of orders within the selected batch(s). Now, you can use the datasheet to export the list and use it to generate emails.

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