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Using C2X EMV with Cash Manager

The BBPOS Chipper C2X EMV device provides a new way to accept credit cards at the Pos.

Featuring EMV Chip Insert, Tap to Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay, C2X is a Bluetooth device that works with your Cash Manager for Mobile Pos App.

The following instruction assumes the C2X has been setup, paired and is ready for use to process transactions.

To Finalize a transaction using C2X

  1. Tap Finalize
  2. Tap Credit Card
  3. Tap EMV
  4. Wait for the message "Present Card"
  5. Tap, Insert, use Apple or Google Pay, or Swipe a card

To Hold a card on a Tab using C2X

  1. Start a transaction you want to hold
  2. Tap Hold
  3. Type a Transaction hold name
  4. Tap Add Card
  5. Tap EMV
  6. Wait for the message "Present Card"
  7. Tap, Insert, use Apple or Google Pay, or Swipe a card


Updating a Customer/Member card on file

The C2X is an out-of-scope device which means card number and exp date cannot be decrypted from the device. Therefore, you cannot swipe, insert or tap a card to save a card on a customer/member profile.


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