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Electronic Journal

The Electronic Journal is a transaction viewer in receipt format. You can view any sales transaction regardless of its origin (tasting room, wine club, ecommerce).

Once a transaction is in view, you can print it, or you can re-assign it to a different customer profile.

The Search feature of the electronic journal makes it easy to find transactions.

Electronic Journal

Search Fields

Location - Select the location where the sale was made. Leave blank for all.

Register No - Choose a register number. Leave blank for all.

Cashier – Select a specific cashier to search within. Leave blank for all.

Customer – Select a customer to view transactions for. Leave blank for all.

Date – Date range to show transactions as of. This is the date the sale was paid. Leave blank for all.

Search – Type in any search text and click the Find button. Search text is compared against all text on the receipt. For example: ‘check’ will find all transactions where a check was used to make payment. ‘225.00’ will find all transactions that have that price on the receipt.


New – Clears all fields to start a new search.

Print – Prints the receipt currently being displayed.

Re-Assign – Allows you to re-assign the receipt to a different customer.

Re-Assign Customer

When a receipt is in view, you can see the customer account number and name listed at the bottom of the receipt just following the Cashier name.

Sometimes, you need to re-assign the receipt to a different customer. This is easily done using the Re-assign Customer feature.

First find the receipt to be re-assigned and click the Re-Assign button on the tool bar. The following screen is displayed:

Electronic Journal Re-Assign

Click the magnifying glass to lookup the customer to assign to. Once displayed, click the Assign button to re-assign.

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