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Payment Methods

Payment Methods are the forms of payment you take. You can add payment methods to your system and designate where they can be used; at the POS or Back Office.

Before setting up a new Payment Method, you will need to add a GL Account to attach the Payment Method to. (See: Chart of Accounts)

To Add, Edit, or Delete a Payment Method, navigate to the System Setup menu and choose Payment Methods from the Sales & Fulfillment menu.

Payment Methods


New – Click to add a new Payment Method.

Edit – Select a row to edit and click the Edit button.

Delete – Select a row to delete and click the delete button.

Print/Preview – Prints a report listing all Payment methods.

Add/Edit a Payment Method

Click New button on the toolbar or highlight a row and click Edit on the toolbar to bring up the Edit Payment Method screen:

Edit Payment Method


Description: Enter a name for this Payment Method.

GL Account: Choose a GL Account to attach this Payment Method to.

Credit Card: If the Payment Method is a credit card, check this box.

Card Type: If the Payment Method is a credit card, select the card type.

Use for Register Transactions: If this Payment Method will be used by the Cash Register(s), check this box.

Tender Required: Check this box if an amount must be entered prior to using this method (Applies to cash registers only)

Opens Cash Drawer: Check this box if the payment method should cause the drawer to open at the end of the transaction. (Applies to cash registers only)

Maximum Cash Back: Enter the amount of cash back that you are allowed to over tender for this method. (applies to cash registers only)

Click OK to save the Payment Method or Cancel to abort any edits.

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