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Using Cash Manager for Mobile Offsite

There are times when you want to use your Cash Manager Mobile POS offsite, away from the winery at Festivals, Outside Tastings, Pop-up Events, etc.

Cash Manager is well suited for this purpose, but there are a few things you need to know when preparing to take it offsite.

Quick Steps

Prepare for offsite use (done at the tasting room)
  1. Make sure any previous shift has been closed
  2. Perform a full Sync - MENU | Sync Device
  3. Turn off Shared Tabs - MENU | Settings | Shared Tabs
  4. Disable Kitchen Printer(s) – MENU | Settings | Device Settings

Returning to tasting room from offsite use
  1. Close the Shift
  2. Turn on Shared Tabs – MENU | Settings | Shared Tabs
  3. Re-enable Kitchen Printing – MENU | Settings | Device Settings


Perform a full sync

Enable/Disable Shared Tabs

Receipt & Kitchen Printers
Receipts are generally emailed when conducting sales offsite. If you try to print a receipt while offsite, you will receive a message "Printer Unavailable". The solution is to email the receipt.

Kitchen printing however is automatic and since you won’t have a kitchen printer while offsite, you will want to temporarily disable it.

Enable / Disable Kitchen Printers
If you use Kitchen printing, you can enable or disable your kitchen printers to avoid getting "Kitchen Printer Unavailable" messages when selling kitchen items while offsite. Most likely you will not be selling kitchen items while offsite, so this step is optional.

To enable or disable your Kitchen printer, go to: MENU | Settings | Device Settings and modify the TCP Port value for each Kitchen Printer listed. Remove the value (9100) to disable the printer or replace the value (9100) to enable it. Tap Save, then Done.

Processing Payments
You will need an internet connection to process payments. You have a couple of choices:

  1. If the offsite venue offers Wi-Fi, connect to it and you’re good to go!
  2. If Wi-Fi is unavailable but you have cell phone coverage, you can tether your iPad to your phone or hotspot and use Cellular Wi-Fi. Specific instruction for how to “tether” is out of scope for this instruction, but you should be able to google “how to tether” iPad to cell phone.
  3. If neither Wi-Fi nor Cellular service are available, you will not be able to process credit cards, however, you can hold transactions as Tabs and hold the card on the Tab to be processed later. When you get back to your tasting room, you can recall the tabs and finalize using the held card.

Closing the Day (End of Shift)
You can only close the shift from the Tasting Room. Once back at your Tasting Room, close the shift as normal.

Notes about Offsite Use

The following features will be disabled during offsite use:

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