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Bullseye produces a list of customers who meet very specific criteria. The resulting list of customers can output in report format, or as a datasheet for use in generating email lists.

Simply select your criteria and choose an action.

Bullseye Criteria Screen

If you run a report without any criteria selected, the result will be a list of ALL customers. The idea behind using Bullseye is to make selections that narrow the list to a specific target audience.

Examples of a Bullseye Report:

  • Pinot Noir Drinkers
  • Big Buyers Tasting Room
  • Big Buyers Ecommerce
  • Case buyers
  • Most Frequent Visitors
  • VIP Club Members (members of 2+ years who have lifetime value > $10,000)

The sky’s the limit. Bullseye provides enough criteria to handle most complex criteria.

Criteria Sections

There are three criteria sections on the Bullseye screen.

Customers – Used to select which customers to include in the result.
Subscribers – Used to select a group of subscribers within the selected customers.
Sales Activity – Used to select customers/subscribers based on sales activity

All selections are cumulatively evaluated. In other words, a customer must meet ALL criteria specified in the report.

Getting Help on Criteria

As you click into a field to set its criteria, the lower right of the screen displays help on entering the criteria.

Try it

When using Bullseye, it is best to have a fairly clear idea what you want ahead of time. Then, construct your idea using natural language. e.g. format your query using a paragraph of text.

For example: “I want a list of non-club customers who live in Texas that have purchased wine more than 4 times last year.”

To construct your criteria, we’ll break it down piece by piece and enter the criteria. Start by clicking the New button on the toolbar to clear all criteria so we have a clear slate to begin.

non-club customers
In the Subscribers section, select None as the Membership Status.

live in Texas
In the Customer section, select Texas as the State.

purchased wine
In the Sales Activity section, select Wine as the Item Group.

more than 4 times
In the Sales Activity section, set Number of Orders to ‘4-9999’.

last year
In the Sales Activity section, set the Sales Period to @LastYear

Now click the Datasheet View on the toolbar to see your results.

Bullseye Toolbar

New – Click to clear all criteria and start a new Report.

Save – Click to save the current criteria as a Report.

Delete – Click to delete the currently loaded Report.

Print or Preview – Run the Report and output the customer list in report format.

Open Datasheet – Run the Report and output the customer list to a datasheet.

Datasheet Output:

Sample Datasheet Output

When viewing as a datasheet, you have all the datasheet features to filter and sort. (See: Datasheets for more information)

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