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Sales Tax Rates

The Sales Tax Rates are used to identify and track what rate is used during a sale. Sales tax rates are organized into rates by State, County and City. Rates can also differ between onsite and offsite sales.

Tax Levels

Additionally, you can have multiple levels of tax rates by product type. For example, you might have a 6% sales tax rate for merchandise, and 9% for alcoholic beverages.

State Base Rates vs. Local Rates

In some states, you may wish to charge a flat rate for the entire state. This is known as a State Base Rate. Alternatively, you may want to be more granular and collect tax using county and city rates. These are known as Local Rates. You can use either method on a state by state basis.

Onsite vs Offsite

Onsite rates apply when the customer is physically at your place of business. If an order is placed on an e-commerce site, over the phone, or by email, Offsite rates will apply.

Sources of Tax Rates

If you are only collecting State Base Rates, you can easily google each state you collect for to get their rate. However, if you are collecting Local Rates, this is not so easy. Wine Software offers a service to obtain sales tax rates. (See: Tax Updater).

Edit Sales Tax Rates

Navigate to System Setup and choose Sales Tax Rates from the Company section.

Sales Tax Rates

Toolbar Options

New – Click to add a new tax rate.

Edit – Highlight a row to change and click edit to edit that row.

Delete – Highlight a row to delete and click the delete button to delete the row.

Print/Preview – Click to print a list of rates.

You can select more than one row by holding CTRL and selecting multiple rows. You can also select a row, hold the SHIFT button and select another row and all rows between selections will be selected. This is useful if you are deleting multiple rows.

View – If you have more than one tax level, use this to select which level to view.

States – This is a state filter. Choose a state from the drop-down to filter the view to just that state. Alternatively, you can click the box to the right of the drop-down to get a multi-select box to choose multiple states to view.

Download Tax Rates – This feature has been deprecated and is no longer available. (search: Tax Updater on this documentation site for other options.)

Add/Edit a Tax Rate

Click New button on the toolbar or highlight a row and click Edit on the toolbar to bring up the Edit Tax Rate screen:

Sales Tax Rates


State: Select a State to define a rate for.

County: Select a County to define a rate for, or use * to specify all counties.

City: Select a City to define a rate for, or use * to specify all cities.

Tax Rate: Enter the tax rate to the State/County/City selected.

GL Account: Choose a GL Account from the drop-down list.

Onsite Purchases: Check this box if the rate will apply to Offsite Purchases.

Offsite Purchases: Check this box if the rate will apply to Onsite Purchases.

Tax Rate is Inactive: Check this box to disable this tax rate.

Click OK to save the Tax Rate or Cancel to abort any edits.

(See also: Tax Updater)

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