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Sales Groups

Sales Groups are reporting categories used to categorize sales by channel or customer. Sales Groups are also associated to discount levels, so when an Industry customer is making a purchase, the Industry Sales Group will drive an automatic Industry discount.

A sales group consists of two key pieces of information:

Sales Department – This is the sales channel (where the sale was made)
Sales Group – This is the customer group (who made the purchase)

Use Sales Groups sparingly. The list should be short and concise. Too many entries create ambiguities and reporting will suffer from unclear classifications.

To add or edit a Sales Group, navigate to the System Setup menu and choose Sales Groups from the Sales & Fulfillment section.

Sales Groups


New – Adds a new sales group.

Edit – Edits the selected sales group.

Delete – Deletes the selected sales group.

Print/Preview – Prints a list of all sales groups.

Add/Edit a Sales Group

Click New button on the toolbar or highlight a row and click Edit on the toolbar to bring up the Edit Sales Group screen:

Sales Groups


Sales Department: Enter a Sales Department to track.

Sales Group: Enter a Sales Group to track within the Sales Department.

Price Level: Select a Price Level for this Sales Group.

Allocation Group: Select an Allocation group this sales department/group should deplete.

Use for Register Transactions: Make this Sales Group selection available to the cash registers.

Use for Invoiced Transactions: Make this Sales Group selection available to back office Invoiced orders.

Exclude from Smart Group: Check this box to exclude this Sales Group from the Smart Group feature.

Click OK to save the Sales Group or Cancel to abort any edits.

Smart Groups

The Smart Group feature refers to an action that happens in a sales transaction. When a customer is looked up, the Sales Group automatically changes to reflect the Sales Group specific to the customer looked up. This diminishes the need to manually select a Sales Group.

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