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Data Entry Guidelines

Required fields

Required fields are denoted by the red bar to the left of a data entry field. Screens cannot be saved if a value is not provided in a required field.

Required Field

Field formats for simplified data entry

Esc to Undo

Press Esc once to undo a field
Press Esc twice to undo a complete screen
(same as Undo button on the toolbar)

Auto Save

There are no save buttons on any screen. Screens are automatically saved when they are closed.

Deleting Records

Records can be deleted when the toolbar delete icon is enabled. If greyed out, the item cannot be deleted because other data has dependencies on it.

Record Audits

Most screens will have an info button in the lower right corner [i]. You can hover (or click) on this button to reveal the audit information. This includes when a record was created, last updated, by who, and other relevent information to the record you are working on.

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