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Subscriptions are the club levels you offer to your members. You can have multiple subscriptions, each with different products, price, or frequency. For example, you might have 6 club levels members can choose from such as:

To add or edit subscriptions, navigate to the Sales & Fulfillment menu and click on Subscriptions form the Activities menu.


To add a new subscription, click the New icon on the toolbar.

To edit a subscription, click the Search icon on the toolbar and double click an entry in the list.

Edit Fields

Subscription: This is the name of the Subscription.

Sales Location: Choose a sales location from the list. The Sales Location is where inventory will be depleted from.

Sales Department: This is the department (sales channel) that club orders will be reported under (usually set to “Club Shipments”).

Sales Group: This is the customer group that club orders will be reported under (usually set to “Club Sales”).

Shipping Template: Choose from the drop-down list. The template chosen is where shipping rates will be pulled from during club order creation.

Price Level: Members of this club will be assigned to this price level which determines discounting when placing non-club shipment orders.

Subscription is Inactive: Use this to deactivate a club. Club processing cannot be carried out on inactive clubs.

Subscription Items

The bottom half of the screen lists the products for the shipment. It serves as a template that will be used by order creation during wine club processing.

To remove a product from the list: Click the delete button.

To add or change a product: Click the Search button and choose from the list.

Quantity: Enter the number of bottles to be included in the shipment.

Subsc Price: This is the member price for the shipment.

Hint: You can enter a price as a percentage. e.g. '20%' will calculate the price at 20% off the retail price.

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