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Users / Cashiers

Users are people you grant access to the system. All Users are Back Office users and some can optionally be Cash Register Users.

Navigate to the System Setup menu and Click on Users under the Company section.

Users List

Using the toolbar, you can add, edit, or delete a User at any time.

To add a User - Click the New button on the toolbar.

To edit a User - Highlight a User in the list and click the Edit button on the toolbar, or simply double click the User in the list.

To delete a User - Highlight a User in the list and click the Delete button on the toolbar.

Note: If a User will be on temporary leave, you can disable their account by editing the User and checking the User is Inactive checkbox. When you want to re-enable their account, simply uncheck the Inactive box.

Add/Edit User



User name: This is the Username used to login to the Back Office system.

Password: The Password used to login.

Confirm Password: Confirm password.

Security Group: Select the role of the user from the drop-down.

Only users who are assigned to the Administrators security group can change the Security Group. All others can only add users within their own Security Group.


Name & Address: Fill out the fields to complete the user name & address.


Phone & Email: Fill out the phone and email for this user.

Cash Register

Alias Name: This is printed on the register receipt.

Logon ID: Used to logon to the register for each transaction. Must be numeric from 1 to 4 digits. No leading zero can be used.

Void: Cashier Permission. Check this if the cashier can void transactions.

Refund: Cashier Permission. Check this if the cashier can issue refunds.

Use Card on File: Cashier Permission. Check this is the cashier can charge a customer using their card on file.

Notes: Enter any notes about this user.

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