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Item Inquiries

Item inquiries let you see full transaction history for a product.

Navigate to the Inventory Control menu and select Item Inquiries from the Activities menu.

You can also get to the Item Inquiry screen from the Item maintenance screen by clicking the down arrow icon on the toolbar to drill-down into Item Inquiries.

To look up an item, either use the Search icon on the toolbar, or type the item number.

Item Inquiry

The Item inquiry screen shows basic information about the item including three tabs; Sales Activity, Inventory and Allocation.

  1. The Sales Activity tab shows the items lifetime of sales by sales channel.
  2. The Inventory tab shows the quantity-on-hand for each location you track.
  3. The Allocation tab shows the allocation for the item.

Click the down arrow on the toolbar to open the Item Inquiry Details screen.

Item Inquiries Detail

Here, you will see line by line transaction details. This is a chronological list of all activity for the item which shows most recent activity first.

You can filter the view by date range, location, allocation group and transaction type.

This screen is most useful when researching activity for an item. Set a date range, location and choose what type of transaction to show or hide.

Double click on a line to open the source transaction. For example, if you click on a Sale, the sales receipt will be opened. If you click on a Transfer In, the Transfer document will be opened.

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