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Use the Pickup screen to manage your pickup orders.

Navigate to the Sales & Fulfillment menu and select Pickups from the Activities section.

Pickup Screen

Setting the View

Use the filters at the top of the screen to choose what batches are shown in the batch list in the bottom of the screen.

Once you select your batches, you can drill into the batch using the Edit button on the toolbar, or print a report.

When drilled into a batch, you can access the datasheet view which allows you to export the list to your email system.


Sales Location: This is the Sales Location the order was sold against.

Pickup Locaton: Use when you have multiple pickup locations that your customer can choose from and you only want orders for a specific pickup location.

Order Date From/To: Set the date range for the date the order was created.

Paid/Unpaid: Choose between Paid and Unpaid orders.

Paid Date From/To: When viewing Paid orders, choose a Paid Date range you wish to view.

Picked Up: View orders that are not picked up, or orders that have been picked up.

Pickup Date From/To: The date range that orders were picked up.

Batch List

The batch list shows results based on the filters set. Batches are grouped by Department, Group, Subscription and Batch Tag. Batches show the number of and total of orders in the batch.

Batch Selection

Use the Select All and Select None buttons to select batches, or simply click on batches to select them.

You can select multiple batches by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on each batch. You can also select a group of batches by selecting a starting row and while holding the SHIFT key down, select another row. All rows in between will be selected.

Click the column titles to sort by that column.

Report Selection

Once you've selected your batches, you can choose from the reports drop-down to print or preview.

To save a report as a PDF file, preview the report, then choose 'PDF or XPS' from the Office toolbar.

Invoice(s) - By Order #: Prints invoices for all orders in selected batches sorted by Order #.

Invoice(s) - By Name: Prints invoices for all orders in selected batches sorted by Customer Name.

Pickup List - Detailed: Prints list of orders with line item detail, with signature line sorted by last name.

Pickup List - Summary: Prints list of orders without line item detail, with signature line sorted by last name.

Pickup List Pull Order: Prints list of products with quantities needed to fulfill the selected order batches.

Toolbar Options

New: Resets filters to default and clears batch selections.

Edit: Opens the Pickup List Editor window listing orders contained within each batch selected.

Print/Preview: Print or Preview the selected report for the batches selected.

Pickup List Editor

The Pickup List Editor lists orders contained within the selected batches. Use the pickup list editor to edit an order, mark an order as picked up, or to open a datasheet to export the pickup orders to an Excel file.

Pickup List Editor

To Edit an order

Double click anywhere on an order line to open the order, or select a line and click the folder icon on the left of the line.

To mark an order picked up

Click a row to select an order and then click the Tracking button on the toolbar to open the tracking screen.

To open a Datasheet

Click the datasheet icon on the toolbar to open the datasheet. Use the Export tools on the MS Office toolbar to export the list to Excel.

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