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Preset Keys

Preset Keys are used by the Cash Manager point of sale system. They provide quick access to commonly sold items. Preset Keys are organized into Preset Banks with 20 preset keys per preset bank. There is no limit to how many preset banks you can have.

You will find the preset keys at the bottom of the point of sale screen:

Preset Keys

Buttons on each preset bank can be programmed to perform one of two actions:

Navigating Preset Banks

Touch the SELECT button to advance to the next preset bank in the list, or touch the arrow above the SELECT button to bring up a list of preset banks to choose from.

Editing Preset Banks

Registers can have unique preset banks/keys based on its role within your property. e.g. Tasting Room, Bistro, Club VIP Lounge. The buttons are easily edited using the Cash Manager Configuration tool.

To edit your preset banks, open Cash Manager for Windows and logon using your cashier code.
Select MENU | MORE | SETUP to open the Cash Manager Configuration tool.

Note: You can also access the Cash Manager Configuration tool from the Back Office system. Navigate to the Point of Sale menu and select Point of Sale Program Editor from the menu.

Once you’ve opened the Configuration tool, select Preset Keys from the configuration menu, then click Define Preset Keys to open the Preset Bank Maintenance screen.

Feature Alert! If you get a Feature Alert message, it is becuase you have duplicate preset banks defined. Cash Manager is designed to allow having just one preset bank defined to be used across all registers so you do not have to duplicate them. This makes maintaining your presets easier. The preset bank for register 1 serves as a master preset bank. If you have multiple registers that do not have preset banks defined, they will use register 1's presets as a default.

Preset Bank Maintenance

This is where you define the preset banks for each register. Each row represents the sales location, register number and bank name.

Add New – Click to add a new preset bank.

Edit – Edits the preset buttons for the selected preset bank.

Move up/down – When a register has more than 1 preset bank defined, you can re-order the position of the banks for that register.

Copy to... – Copy a preset bank and paste to another.

Clone Register - Use to clone all preset banks from one register to another

Delete – Delete a preset bank.

Once you’ve created your preset banks, you are ready to edit the preset keys in each bank.

Edit Preset Keys

Before you start, you should plan ahead how you want to organize your preset keys. For each preset key you, you will need to know its item number, and for list keys, you will want to pre-organize your lists as described below.

From the Preset Bank Maintenance screen, highlight the bank to edit and click Edit to open the Preset Key Editor.

Here, you can edit the bank name, click on a preset key to edit it, or use drag & drop to move or swap key positions.

Preset Key Editor

Edit Preset Key

As mentioned above, a Preset Key can perform one of two actions: Preset Key, or List Key.

Preset Key: Simply enter the item number into the Preset Item field or click the magnifying glass to lookup the item by description.

List Key: You can have up to 26 pop-up preset lists. Lists are identified with a letter between A and Z. To associate an item to a list from the Back Office system, from the item maintenance screen, place a list designator (A-Z) in the Code field on the items General page.

You can assign an item to multiple lists by designating multiple list designators (A-Z) in the Items Code Field. For example, if the Code Field has DF in it, then the item will show up on lists D and F.


Preset Item: Choose one of two actions:

Caption Line 1: Enter up to 7 characters to display on the key caption

Caption Line 2: Enter up to 7 characters to display on the key caption

Caption Line 3: Enter up to 7 characters to display on the key caption

The captions entered automatically center on the button and appear on the Preview button.

Button Color: Click a color to change the button background color.

Text Color: Click a color to change the text color.

Note: To reset the colors to the default, click the Preview button.


OK - Saves changes and returns you to the Preset Key Editor.

Delete - Remove this preset key definition.

Cancel – Cancels changes.

Note: As an example, if you have 4 registers, each with 2 preset banks, if each register will use identical preset definitions, just edit the preset banks for register 1 and do not define registers 2-4. In this case, registers 2-4 will use the definition of register 1, the default bank.

Test your Preset Keys

Once you finish editing your preset keys, you can try them out by returning to the Cash Manager POS. Tap the SELECT button to the right of the preset keys to refresh them with the new definitions.

Note: If you are using iPad POS, you will need to re-sync your iPad to activate your changes before they can be tested. From the sales screen, tap MENU, then tap Sync Device.

Be sure to test each button by tapping it to verify the item or list behaves as expected.

Congratulations! You have completed programming your preset keys.

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