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Once you log in to the system, you’ll want to know how to find things. We have organized it all for you. In this article, we’ll introduce our navigation system.

Main Menu

A menu selector sits on the left of the opening menu screen. Click an item to display its sub-menus.

Navigation map:

Open Windows

You can open multiple windows at the same time. Let’s say you’re updating an item price and a customer calls asking about a recent order. Without closing the item screen, you can open the customer screen to look up their order. When finished, you can return to the item screen to pick up where you left off.

The Open Window list shows you all windows currently open. Double click on an item in the list to switch to it. Use this method to switch between any open window.

Main Menu

Toolbars & Workflow

Sometimes you will find the need to jump quickly between related screens to perform various tasks. Our toolbars and workflow navigation make it easy to complete complex tasks without losing your place.

Toolbars provide common functionality as well as unique functionality within the context of the screen you’re in. Hover your mouse over any toolbar button to learn what it does.


Helper Buttons

Helper buttons exist on many screens to navigate you to other screens related to where you are.

Helper Buttons

For example: You are adding a new product and get to the vendor field. The vendor is not in the list so you want to add it. Simply click the helper button to open the vendor screen where you can add it. When done, close the vendor screen to return to the item screen right where you left off, now with the new vendor in the list for selection.

Moving between fields

Data fields in a screen are placed in order of the data entry. Data fields flow top-down in each column. Columns flow left to right. Pressing the Tab key moves you to the next field in the order. A Shift-Tab moves backwards in the order.

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