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Temail - Using in Back Office


Temail has been implemented throughout Wine Software Back Office and can be found on the toolbars of most screens within the sales & fulfillment menu with extended functionality on customer and subscriber datasheets.

Temail Dashboard

The Temail Dashboard provides a way to see and manage your email batches. You can view email batches by template, status, and date. Batches can be canceled or viewed.

To open the dashboard, go to the Sales & Fulfillment menu, select Temail Dashboard from the Activities section.


New: This will reset any field selections (filters) to their default value.

Edit: Select a batch and click Edit (or simply double click the batch) to see a list of recipients in the batch. This will open the Temail List Editor screen where you can see the recipient list.
Note: Double click a recipient to open their customer page. Then, view their Ticklers to see a history of emails sent.

Cancel Batch: Select a batch to be canceled and click Cancel Batch. This will update the batch status from Open to Canceled. No emails from the batch will be sent when the batch is canceled.
Note: You can re-activate a batch by selecting the canceled batch and clicking Cancel Batch again to toggle its status.

Print / Preview: Use to print or preview the selected batch.

Close: Closes the Dashboard.

Filter Selections

The following filters can be used to filter the batch view. Use these to narrow your search if you are looking for a specific template, batch status, or activity date range.

Template: Use the drop-down to select a template to view.

Status: Choose a status to view: Show All, Open, Closed, Cancelled. Email Date Fm / To: Select a date range to view batches for.

Sending Email

Sending email to your customers is straight forward.

The Send Email screen

We’ll begin with sending an email to a customer. Open the Customer screen and search for a customer to send to and click the Email button on the toolbar. The following screen will appear:

Congratulations! You just sent your first email!

Send Email to a Group of Recipients

Sending email to a group of customers is just as easy as sending to one customer. The primary difference is where you go to select your customers. There are many ways to select a group of customers which we’ll address later in this document, but for now let’s keep it simple and use Bullseye.

We’ll email all customers who live in Texas. Start by opening Bullseye from Sales & Fulfillment menu.

Note: Bullseye is a powerful tool that provides advanced customer selection criteria.

Click the Email button on the Bullseye toolbar. The Temail window will pop-up (same as previous example), but this time, you will notice at the bottom the screen, it shows the number of customers that matched the criteria of: Has Email and State=Texas.

As before, select your Template, Subject, and Teaser text. Then optionally send a test email and finally, click Send to Recipient(s).

Congratulations! You just sent your first group email!

Ways to Select Recipients

Select a Single Customer

Select a Group of Customers

View Email Sent to a Specific Customer

There will be times you want to view emails sent to a specific customer. This can be done in either of two ways:

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