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manage your pos preset keys more efficiently

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. When was the last time you reviewed your preset key layout? Is it easy for staff to use? Do you have old items still listed? Has it become cluttered and disorganized? Is it too tedious a task to re-organize it all?

Well, it just got a whole lot easier to manage these little buggers!

The following article is meant to introduce you to the features available when designing your preset keys.

introducing:  default presets, page menu, list key, drag & drop

Over the past year, we have made incremental improvements to how you manage your preset keys. This article will round it all up and get you on your way to a new and improved preset key strategy.

default presets

Did you know you only have to define preset keys for register 1 and all the other registers will use that definition?

Register 1 presets serve as the default for all registers so you no longer have to copy or clone to the other registers!

To get started, simply delete the presets for registers 2 and above so you are left with just register 1’s presets. Then, you can re-organize register 1’s presets and all other registers will use that definition.

Note: If you had the need to manage more than one layout (e.g., POS #4 is in the Club VIP room), you can define a unique preset layout for register 4 and it will use that layout instead of register 1.

Register 1 serves as the default only when you do not defined presets for a specific register number.

page menu

As you know, a preset key layout can consist of multiple preset pages (also called Preset Banks) - e.g., Page 1=Bottles, Page 2=Wine by the Glass, Page 3=Food, etc.

Using the SELECT button, you can cycle between preset pages. BUT, if you have 4 or more pages, this cycling can lead to a lot of button taps and fumbling around trying to find the correct page. Instead, use the Page Menu. This is the little arrow just above the SELECT button. Now, you can have 5, 6 or even 10 preset pages and jump directly to the page you want with just one tap!

list key

List Keys allow you to organize a menu of items under a single key. This saves space, reduces clutter, and eliminates the need to create too many buttons (or, run out of space on a page!). For example, you might create a food menu as a List Key so that when you tap it, a list of food items appears. One, button, one tap, multiple items! This can be used for many things - Tickets, Food, Clothing, Wine by the Glass, Library Wine, Club Wine, Large Format wine, and the list goes on! (no pun intended!)

drag & drop

And now, a feature that everyone has asked for - drag and drop! You can now drag & drop preset keys within a preset page for quick, easy re-organization! Simply drag a key to a new position and drop it. It will swap positions with the key you move it to.

Click here to see it in action!

tips & best practices


Many of you have spent time re-organizing your preset keys only to find that it is a moving target, and as you know, it’s a lot of work to shift keys over by just one position, or you can’t fit everything on just one page.

Now you can re-organize with ease! Start by deleting your duplicated Preset Bank definitions for registers 2 and above and focus on defining only register 1. Think about what Pages to set up, then decide the type of keys (Preset Key vs. List Key), and finally, enjoy the drag and drop simplicity to move your buttons around on the page.

click here for detailed instructions on setting up and using Preset Keys
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