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tax rate updater

If you need to collect sales tax by county or city in your home state, or need to collect out of state sales tax, you may benefit from our tax update service. This service provides up-to-date sales tax rates for all 50 US States including County and City level taxes. This is a subscription service offerred by our partners at Avalara.

sales tax rates

This subscription based service provides a way to keep your tax rates up to date in your POS system. New tax rates are available each month for updating.

subscribe to the service

  1. You will need to contact Avalara and subscribe to the Sales Tax Service. They will provide pricing and answer any questions about the service that you have.
  2. Next, you will need to download and install the Tax Updater app.

configure your tax rates

    You may not want to activate taxes in all states, or, in some states, you may only want to collect a base state rate versus local rates (counties and cities). These options can be set up so the Tax Updater knows what to update.

  1. Download our TaxFlag file (Note: If you are already an Avalara customer and they are filing your state compliance, they will provide this file for you)
  2. Edit the TaxFlag file and note which states get No-Tax, Local Tax, or State Tax

update your tax rates

  1. Avalara will send you new tax files each month, or per the arranged frequency
  2. Simply drag the taxrate file to the Tax Updater icon on your desktop. The tax file will automatically be imported and your system updated.
  3. That's it!
click here for detailed instructions on using the Tax Updater
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